(Possible) Good Call

I've been to the Statue of Liberty before. I've even seen the breathtaking view from the crown (a must in anyone's lifetime). I suppose as a New Yorker, it's pretty much one of those things that can be taken for granted because it's, well, always there in the background of the big city. Standing at the top of those steps as a child, foremost I was stunned by exactly high up it is! Sure, the walk up took a long time but when you're a kid walking two blocks is "forevvvvvvver"! This young fella could have never grasped the concept of being up so high & staring down to certain doom upon a fall.

And then, I looked forward.

I'm sure we've all seen the skyline of New York, New York in photography. My wall is adorned with a picture taken in the 70s - just after the Twin Towers went up (1973, I think) - that was given to me by my parents. This view, however, defied all imagination. A world of activity before you - boats, planes, and the realization that I while cannot grasp in my mind the greatness of America, I can sure enjoy the beauty of it all.

Now, a kid doesn't really appreciate these things as a child. No, it takes time, experiences both home & away from our nation's shores to get even an idea of what one glimpse from that crown really means. Maybe that's where I fell in love with my country - not that I realized at the time - and the idea of just how special this great land is was born in a lad's mind.

The Statue has always been our sentinel on the water. Even when it was closed for repairs (you can't enter the torch anymore) she never lost sight of us. Yes, I'll admit at times I forgot she was ever-present. OK, once in a great while, New Jersey would remind us of the Empire State's most enduring symbol by claiming she's in their waters (yeah? come & get it, Garden Staters!) & briefly the great lady will come back into focus, only to be relegated to the darkness at the back of our minds. We New Yorkers have a complicated & apathetic relationship with her...no wonder she's turned green over the years!

So, upon reading the city may finally re-open the crown & once again offer one of the most amazing views in the world (unless you've summited Everest, don't argue), I find the embers of that memory rekindled and the awe reborn.

When this Statue of Liberty once again is opened to the public, take the trip and go take in what will stand as the most amazing vision in your natural life: America.


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