Shopping Almost Done

It's been an adventure trying to get every gift together this year, but I'm almost there! The last of the ones shipping goes tomorrow & I only have to get one more (this Wednesday) for up here.

So far I've bought:

A ******* **** for Mom & Dad
2 **** *** ***** for my brother, Matt
A nice ******** **** ******* for my sister, Shannon
A year's worth of **** ******** **** for my friend, Scott
America's Army on XBox 360 for my friend, JP (already gave it to him)

All that remains is my brother, Michael's, present. I'm still really confounded on what to get him. I'll probably throw price to the wind & get him that ******* *** ****** I think he'd really like.

Blanks will be revealed after Christmas! MWAHAHAHA!!!


Mrs. Who said...

I could start guessing...but I'm afraid I'd started putting 'dirty words' in the blanks.

Just call me the Grinch!

HapKiDo said...

Mrs. Who,
Nope. I'm afraid there are no dirty words in there!

Take a guess if you like, though! That could give some interesting results. :-)

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