Joke Theme, Continued

This one's in honor of hunting season:

Three men are duck hunting when the discussion turns to their dogs - all
black Labrador Retrievers with excellent pedigrees. Each man is bragging
about how great his dog is & they decide to put money on it.

When the hunters down their first ducks, the first man sends his dog out.
It takes him two trips but he gets both ducks.

The second group of ducks comes in & this time the hunters get four ducks.
The second hunter's dog swims out, gets all the ducks in one try & brings
them back.

Finally, the last dog is sent after the next round of ducks. There's only
two but the dog hops out, runs ON THE WATER & retrieves the ducks in record
time. The third hunter, smug in the knowledge he had won, turned to the
others & asked, "What do you guys think about that?"

The first hunter shot back, "Wow, you must be so embarrassed!"

"How do you figure that?", the third hunter replied.

The first continued, "You spent all that money on a dog that can't even


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