How Much Was The Tip?

It looks like those bureaucratic whackos in Boston finally completed the "Big Dig" to alleviate the traffic conditions in that busted-up burg.

The cost to us taxpayers? $14.8 Billion

Of course, I couldn't help but wonder how that money could have been better spent. You know, instead of lining Senator Kennedy's pockets. Obviously, such a large amount of money is not required for a traffic construction project, no matter how big.

Better Ways To Spend That $14.8B:
1) 3 Aircraft Carriers. Power projection galore!

2) Spend it on the troops! Libs claim to support them, right?

3) Replace all those mailboxes Roses took out during winter months.

4) Truman Show 2: Hillary In The Dome - Let her think she won the presidency & keep her out of our lives!

5) I'm sure Bill's on-board with that.

6) Start Luxury SUV company. Flagship? "The Guzzler", 2mpg, seal-skin interior with bald eagle down. Give away year's supply of gas to further thumb nose at Al Gore.

7) And yes, I'd offer a "monster tire" option.

8) Dump it into a volcano.

9) Junk food, candy & video games...

Leading to:

10) Liposuction, personal trainer & LASIK surgery.

Heck, everything above is better than wasting it on traffic - something that's always going to be a problem in Boston - and politicians feeding at the trough. Not that Senator Kennedy would ever do something questionable or illegal...


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