In The Saddle

I've taken up a new hobby!

As you may have guessed from the title, it involves our equine friends. Miss Hammy owns two horses & knows how to ride English (English & Western being the two major disciplines). I think she knows Western but claims people who ride Western "don't know how to ride".

She started me off, bareback, on her quarter horse & we kept it at a walk. The next time out, I rode her Thoroughbred & we walked around the farm area (a mile, or so).

Last night, we worked our way up to trot - which reminds me: her boys are trained to respond to both physical AND verbal stimulus in English: If you say "trot", that's what you get, so be prepared. They were both patient horses & treated me pretty well. I still have to get used to showing a 1200lb animal that I'm in charge & my behind is a little sore, but I think a few weeks & I'll be up to a canter.

Right now, the trot is still jostling me a bit - I have to learn to relax - but I am getting better with my form & turning my head/shoulders with the horse.

It's fun stuff & maybe there will be pictures in the future!


pamibe said...

That's wonderful!!! But I'd like to challenge her statement about Western riders... ;)

Have fun!

patti said...

As with most horse people, she thinks her way is best - I could challenge that too - but I and my girls ride english as well (though I started western and know dressage as well - so there). It is indeed harder to stay on than Western, but I'd like to see her stay on her english saddle in a sliding stop (heehee), then again going over jumps in a western saddle is down right painful. Each has its place. What you need to learn is to post (for trot), but I'm sure she is teaching you this. Horses can be great - and they are money pits... just sayin.
Welcome to my world :)
ps my horses also respond to "voice aids", and leg aids can ride my pony with absolutely nothing on him but you!

Hapkido said...

Pam: I really am enjoying it, even though there's a LONG way to go. Admittedly, I've always liked Western more...mostly because of the movies. It just seems that's how you're supposed to ride a horse.

Patti: Definitey, she thinks her way is best. She's very patient in teaching me.

Her Quarter L-O-V-E-S to jump! He's very well-disciplined but sometimes can't resist...

What is posting in a trot? I'll ask Miss Hammy but have never heard of that.

Yes, MH has gone over the "base" costs for monthly items & it's a bit. Still, once I'm on my feet again that should be easily manageable, along with a contingency account.

Mrs. Who said...

We'll know you're good when you perform martial arts moves while riding bareback...I'll pay good money to see that.

Harvey said...

I just need video of you getting thrown :-)

Hapkido said...

Pam & Patti: The good news is I'm going to ride Western once I get my own horse. That will be awhile (I still have to learn how to ride) but from my observations & Miss Hammy's, that suits me better than English.

Mrs. Who: Um, maybe one day. Right now I couldn't check the time. Until then see what some REAL riders look like.

Harvey: Wait... Do you mean in martial arts or off the horse? I've got plenty of the former & fortunately none of the latter. :-)

patti said...

OMG! Dude that vid is AMAZING!

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david said...

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