Hap's Cross-Country Adventure

I departed last Tuesday (along with Miss Hammy, as the girlfriend will be called on this blog) for the People's Republic of California. She had an appointment out there last Friday & asked me to tag along. We drove...

***Queue "Holiday Road" from National Lampoon's Family Vacation***

After an interesting adventure (read: massive, catastrophic delay) just 30 miles before Las Vegas, we made it to California on Wednesday night.

I'll go over the details at a later date but now for the highlight of the little trip:

The Ronald Wilson Reagan Presidential Library!
(Apologies to Pam...I'm not a photographer on any level)

It really was an amazing place to visit. Because of an earlier delay, we didn't arrive until 3pm & the museum closes at 5pm but still, it was enough time to take in a well-designed library that pays tribute to the accomplishments of a great man.

Miss Hammy particularly loved this statue (by Veryl Goodnight) of stallions trampling over the ruins of the Berlin Wall. OK, mostly because she loves horses but there was a lot of excitement on her face on seeing it.

OK, I had to capture this pretty image!

The car governor Reagan traveled in while campaigning for president...OK, I'll forgive the fact it's a Ford.

The first image one sees walking into the museum.

OK, I've got at least 100 pictures to show & I'll throw a few posts up covering the whole experience. There is one picture to end this post that made the entire trip worth the time:

This is Ronald Reagan's burial site. I've read & been told that people can feel a tangible sense of evil in places where inhuman atrocities have taken place. Well, upon entering this small memorial, the feeling of calming peace wrapped itself around me. It was a beacon of good. All else that can be said is that the man's dedication to all that was best in America left a lasting impression at his place of rest on this earth.


patti said...

We've been there. It is a terrific place, and I agree about the feeling.

RonnyEngrish said...

Welcome back. I can't wait to see the pics.

pamibe said...

Hap, I'm not a photographer, but your images are great! They really give me a feeling for the place... hopefully one day Artie and I will get over there.

Sounds like a wonderful time but I'm glad you were able to escape the People's Republic... ;)

Mrs. Who said...

Lucky you! It sounds like you and Miss Hammy had a wonderful time.

And a girl that will go to RR's place with you?? Sounds like a keeper.

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