Deep Thoughts - Luxury Cars

For those days when there is nothing better to do than to ponder through musings of a twisted mind.


Luxury cars are soon to be a thing of the past if the current regime has it's way.

They have always been beyond my means but I took out a luxury car last week, just to drive that sucker.

The salesman sat in the back seat describing the car and options. The seats were of particular interest. He explained the seats directed warm air to your butt during the winter and directed cool air to your butt in the summer heat.

I couldn't resist: I stated the car must be a Republican car.

He asked; "Why do you say it is a Republican car?"

I explained if it were a democratic car the seats would blow smoke up your ass year 'round.


Mrs. Who said...

ROFL!! This made my husband snort his drink through his nose when I read this to him!!!

RonnyEngrish said...

Hap will be so proud. That makes 3 people in the last week or so that I made do that on different venues. My humor has risen to the heights Sinus Clensing from the depths of Colon Clensing. I better stop whilst I'm ahead.

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