Deep Thoughts: Green Electric Cars

For those days when there is nothing better to do than to ponder through musings of a twisted mind.


Dumb question.

Did anyone stop to think of where we are going to dispose of all the batteries from these Electric Cars? Last I checked they were an environmental hazzard. Some one correct me if I am wrong. The gas powered vehicles are recycleable to the relatively small battery. These Hybrid cars rely more on their batteries than the gas cars. One would expect that in this Green World; batteries would be in higher demand and replaced more often requireing NON-ENVIONMENTAL FRIENDY waste.

Also Carbon Dioxide was something that was reversable. I don't know of anything that reverses Battery Acid into something useable.

I don't know.... the whole thing seems stupid to me. Weaker less effecient cars that do more harm than good replacing better but albeit stinkier cars.


Harvey said...

Sulfuric acid is good for what the intelligence community refers to as "extreme waterboarding" :-)

Mrs. Who said...

We need Harvey running the NSA.

RonnyEngrish said...

The more I read Harvey's stuff the more I REALLY like his mind.
Start with the opposible thumbs then the toes, fingers and anything else that is protruding. I am sure after the two thumbs they will tell everything. EVERYTHING.
Mrs Who: Running the NSA... or anything Harvey wants to run.

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