Where in the world is HAP?!?

I am not sure anyone noticed or not but Mr. Hap has been ...missing for a while.

As a joke a while back I sent him a Russian Mail Order Bride catalog.... no I didn't..... and neither did he.
He wanted me to tell you that he DID NOT GO TO ARGENTINA!!!

Last week Hap told me (paraphrased) that he may be going to just about the coolest place he's ever wanted to visit! He said it would be very likely that he will be there by the end of the week. He did not want to ruin the surprise for us all but we'll definitely agree this is one "must see" place in a lifetime.

So he is visiting someplace that most of our readers all want to visit at least once in their lifetimes. I will let your minds wander and please GUESS AWAY. (I got it in three guess ...four if you count one of my associates guessing another location incorrectly as well.)

Rest assured Hap will be back and with some stories and Pics of his gallivanting.

I can't wait! This is gonna be good!


Harvey said...

I'm guessing here:


Nothing beats the Plinking Pit.

Mrs. Who said...

Gah...I'm terrible at guessing. I have so many 'must see' places that it would be tough to narrow down.

If it's stateside, I would guess DC...the Smithsonian. It's hard not really knowing Hap to make a guess.

Mrs. Who said...

PS: Harvey...do you live near that Nirvana in your link??? Lucky dog!

Mrs. Who said...

Grand Canyon. Final answer.

RonnyEngrish said...

Okay Harvey, That looks like a day trip in the near future. BUT...not the place in question.
Mrs. Who. DC, Only if you are bringing an endloader for all the BULLS#!+ in that town. Granted there are lots of memorials to see and/or Pee on but did you know there is only 1 Monument in the whole place. Okay that trivia is over, Good Guess BUT....no. Not DC.
And the Grand Canyon. While Beautiful and Majestic and yes it is on my Bucket List, that is still not the correct answer.
I will give you another hint. About five years ago this month we were all watching our televisions and seeing the same thing. That Thing is the place in question.

Anonymous said...


Mrs. Who said...

My next guess is DisneyWorld...my husband guessed 'The Chicken Ranch'.

And if it is Disney World...(someplace I'd never go)...and he comes via our neck of the woods and doesn't say anything...I'll be pissed.

And I don't remember much about 2004...we were in the middle of a court battle to terminate custody against my husband's ex (the one who is married to a sex offender and thought it was just dandy to have the boys around him) and then Hurricane Ivan hit us.

RonnyEngrish said...

Nope Not Thailand.
Mrs. Who. Wow. 2004 really stunk! Ivan and Idiots. I-yiyi. Sorry to dredge up those memories. I would say when picking battles .. that one was a no brainer. I am assuming you are reffering to Goob and Buck.., late congrats are due for the victory.
2004 was a sad year for yet another great reason.

HAP ARE YOU BACK YET?!? I don't know how much longer I can keep dropping hints.

Okay...lemme try again. It was the last time that all the living Presidents were in the same place at the same time on National TV and not argueing with each other. Albeiet the Clintons were being themselves.

SilverWings said...

Ooh, ooh! I know, I know!

...and yes, it was a very sad day indeed. I was glued to my television, as was my Dad.

I'm not telling, though.


Hapkido said...

Hap is back! It was an adventure that will be documented, ad nauseum.

Harvey: Nope. No plinking for me.

Mrs. Who: Good guesses but you know for darn sure that I'd shoot you an e-mail if I was headed down your way!

BTW, I did see the Grand Canyon on my way back...if that helps.

BR: C'mon! The Chicken Ranch? I'd never go to a place like that. Mostly because Miss Hammy (Over The Hedge reference) would go upside my head if I did!

Ronny: It was June 5, 2005 (not 2004). If that doesn't tell everyone where I was, nothing will.

Silver: No fair! You benefited from Ronny's multiple, endless, relentless guessing. :-)

Hapkido said...

BTW, post with the skinny is coming up today!

Keep being patient, fellas.

Mrs. Who said...

Ronny! Giving us the wrong year??? Give us some decent clues!!! Well, you tried ;)!

Glad you're back safe, Hap. And yes indeed, a place to visit.

RonnyEngrish said...

GEEZUZ! That's what I get for trusting Google.

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