Lucky Me

I wish I could say all was well. OK, yes, the tumor is gone & I'm essentially in good health, so there's nothing bad there.

I just got the 1st bill for my initial stay in the hospital - from 9/10 - 9/12. That's when I had the seizure & they kept me in for pre-op. $948 & change ($500 is the deductible).

This, despite the fact I already paid the hospital a $500 deductible AND $300 more that went towards my PPO's maximum $1000/yr out-of-pocket.

Someone please tell me why I might pay over $2000 in one year when my insurance is supposed to limit my expense to $1000 (not counting deductible, of course)?

Never mind the fact I'm crushed at having to leave SC after two months (not all of which was fun & games) & have t come back to Iowa. The thing that has my guts wrenched in a knot is the fact I wanted to save up & move back down there when I can drive again but now the money may just not be there.

I'm in freaking tears over this. It feels so much like I'm trapped in a prison & can't get released. Being dependent on others sucks because I feel like a walking inconvenience. The thought that, after all this horrible stuff my family was put through, I may come up short on the needed funds to move down there & be with them is just too much.

God, please give me the patience, courage & just plain luck to somehow get through this so I can be where my family is.


Mrs. Who said...


You are in my prayers. This is an awful situation in which to be. I hate, hate, hate insurance. It's such a necessary evil.

You will get through this. Can you just not pack it all up and just go? You may qualify for a disability...

_Jon said...

For me, the thing about being on the receiving end of kindness and generosity was to remind myself that I have done a lot of good for people in the past, and if Karma works, then I need to let these people help me.
So I relaxed and accepted their kindness as I had hope others would accept mine when I offered it.

That helped me a lot.

(Glad you are doing better. That would be a difficult time, what you're going through.)

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