My apologies for the previous post. That sort of writing isn't my normal sort of rambling & it certainly wasn't entertaining in the least. My emotions have been silly lately & not all of them fun.

I talked to HR & then the hospital on Friday. It turns out (as Mrs. Who correctly guessed) the insurance company "screwed up" because the billing was done in a somewhat awkward order. The hospital has informed me that I owe $103 total. That relieved feeling will be complete when the bill is in my hands. It seems my previous post title deserved no sarcasm...I'm pretty darn lucky.

Also, I'd like very much to say that prayer works! I'm still recovering, so it's helpful to know being able to talk about it & ask for a little more patience & courage to heal is met with such Grace.


Mrs. Who said...

Whenever you truly hand your problems over to God, good things happen.

I'm so glad that the insurance is working out better. Still hate 'em though.

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