Ahhhh! Finally!

I got to class today!

It was an uphill battle, to be sure. The weather was terrible & my instructor, justifiably, was considering canceling. We're supposed to have upwards of 13 inches (must...resist...bad...joke!) by morning & it apparently decided to get an early start on things.

We only had three people show up - all kids - so I was able to work more on technique than would normally happen in class. The kids all behaved well & I'd say a lot was accomplished (yeah, until next time when they forget all of it!).

Considering the weather, Mr. Reif decided to ditch err on the side of caution & leave early. OK, I really don't blame him but I figure if you're at class, may as well stay. We, OK, I, had one new student show up for Hapkido & he did a great job. Heck, he's pretty much a natural at this thing & takes instruction well. Hopefully, he'll keep with it.

After class, I came home, ate something & did some push-ups, crunches & leg-lifts. Yeah, not too many but until my gym membership kicks in, they'll have to do.


Mrs. Who said...

Move south...move south...not as much snow!!! And you can exercise in the great outdoors even in winter w/o freezing. And go swimming in the ocean. Or go kayaking. Or golfing (Spoken like someone who actually does that...stand back before the lightning hits!)

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