Really? Mine Too!

A cowboy is driving down a back road in Texas . A sign in front of a restaurant reads:

Lobster Tail and Beer

'Lord almighty' he says to himself, 'my three favorite things!!'


Anonymous said...

this is soo funny I'm sending it to a friend who received an invitation from the Army for a very special vacation opportunity.

As a matter of fact I'm copying all your jokes! He writes he has to do 100 push ups for every letter he receives so I might as well make it worth his while.

Thanks for the goldmine!


HapKiDo said...

Glad I could make you laugh. I have a few friends who send them to me on a regular basis.

I'll be sure to keep them coming so your friend has to keep the push ups coming!

Oh, I checked out your site (you had a link on Mrs. Who's site) & liked it. Definitely a blogroll worthy one!

Mrs. Who said...

Journey is definitely someone to know!

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