Am I In Trouble?

I forgot my own Blogiversary!

Harvey of Bad Example had to remind me that one year ago today I officially became a blogger. That's fitting since he inspired me to get started with blogging. I'd like to think he inspired more than a few of my posts, particularly one of my best.

Thanks for getting me started, Harvey! I hope for many more years of blogging enjoyment.


Roses said...

I've been blogging longer than you?

I feel SO old!

Happy Day to you!

Mrs. Who said...

Happy blogiversary! And many more to come, I hope!

HapKiDo said...

Thanks! I can't see you as "old". You act way younger than I feel. Now, as to whether that's a compliment... :-P

HapKiDo said...

mrs. who,
Thank you! I'm hoping to be back into full swing.

This promotion has given me a good job but it's awfully draining just starting out.

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