2 weeks!

Seriously, it's been 2 weeks since I last posted? Holy crap!

Let's see what's been going on:

1) Bought the new Vanessa Carlton album Heroes & Thieves. It's good, though it continues in the melodramatic vein of the previous two. Not as dark as Harmonium, at least. Love the song "Hands on Me"! If you listen to it & think martial arts, well, you're as sick an individual as I am. :-)

2) Continuing the job-search for South Carolina - which included updating the resume. It's like starting all over again, since I took this promotion. Crap.

3) Still haven't beat Halo 3. Note to self: "Checkpoint" does not equal "Save".

4) Stupid apartment place decided painting the walls this weekend was a great idea. Yeah, the weekend I'm off. BTW, painting a dark, wood door white is dumb.

5) I have the greatest microwave, ever! It microwaves (duh!), grills and uses convection. I now can cook a steak medium without worry about it.

6) Transformers - The Movie: Meh (One word! Take that, two-word Roses!). It was decent, the lady was unbelievably beautiful & the original voice actors were a nice touch. Nothing wonderful but worth a watch.

7) Friends: Largely upsetting me lately. Specifically, the ones who wanted me to move to days so we could hang out more. Yeah, where are you now, jerks?

8) Harry Reid: Nice move, numbnuts! First, you & 40 cohorts slam a private citizen, then you try & take the credit for $4.2M being donated to the Marine Corps - Law Enforcement Foundation as a result of the slam letter being auctioned off. Apologize. Idiot.

9) Harvey, of Bad Example: Why? ha ha

10) VP Cheney: We won't let Iran go nuclear. Omitted qualifier: ...at least not in the way they think. Mwahahahahaha!!!

11) Fred Thompson: Give a five-minute speech. That's all the time he needs, people!


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