Wow! What a Day! Part II

Hey Ya'll.

The final drill went suprisingly better than I had expected. It was a live person drill over the phone to fix an issue. I don't get to pick who was on the other side but nonetheless the call was successful. After the call I was asked what the name of my mock client was. Then the instructor's eyes got big and he asked me if I figured out who I was talking to. Truth was I didn't even think about it. After I thought about it for a few seconds I was able to put the face to the voice. Then my eyes got big.

....It was none other than the Site Director. My boss's, boss's boss. The highest ranking guy in my site... city... state. *A great guy I must add. How many top dogs do you all know that will stop what they are doing and help a trainee?*

All I can say is that I was glad I didn't know that before the call came in. My nerves were already pegged out. Besides, I passed with the Big Boss getting a first person view at my performance. That can't be all that bad.

Today we went live in a limited respect. We still have 1 week of training then four of us move on to an advanced training for another two weeks. In my limited live interactions I connected on 5 of 5 issues with only one mistep that was not a critical issue but still I wish I didn't miss that one. Overall I think I did quite well but to be honest I think I got 5 easy soft issues. I shuddered at what some of my co-workers received for first live interactions. Tomorrow is another day. There will be more than 5 interactions for sure. I hope I have as much faith in my skills tomorrow as I did today.

All in all. I love my new job. It is a 180 degree dynamic change from my previous abortion of an employer. Shoot. I couldn't get positive attention from a manager there let alone a Director. Life is good just as long as I don't watch the news.


Mrs. Who said...

So glad it's going well for you, Ronnie! (And I don't like watching the news, either. So I don't.)

Anonymous said...


brenda cox giguere said...

Glad you're doing well, sir! I wanted to stop by and wish you a belated Happy New Year. All the best as we make through another crazy year as best we can.

take care,

Anonymous said...

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