Or Just Tune Into A Debate

Scientists have developed a LED flashlight that emits a series of bright flashes that may cause the "target" to throw up.

Fortunately, unlike the crappy debates we've been subject to (hello, talking to you, YouTube), I do NOT have access to a video of this one in action! :-)


Roses said...

Hey! Let's combine the flashy light with political debates!

When the candidate's time is nearly up, there's usually a light to signal it.

Let's replace that warning light with the flashy light!
And let the games begin!

Mrs. Who said...

What Roses said! Although probably Fred Thompson would come punch out the guy flashing the lights...yeah, I'd like to watch that! These debates need to be a little more physical anyway.

Harvey said...

So... it flashes pictures of Hillary in a thong? :-)

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